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Copley Research, LLC. provides licensed, expert, and confidential litigation support, opposition research, due diligence, background investigations, and other bespoke risk advisory and investigative services for select clients with highly specialized needs.

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Serving law firms, businesses, political campaigns, and high net worth individuals.

We employ legal and ethical methods of fact finding, combining open source intelligence gathering with innovative and expert approaches to uncovering valuable data.


If all it took was a Google search, you wouldn't need us. We know where to find key information, and we will be transparent with you about how we can help. 

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Background Investigations

Protect your company by knowing who you are bringing onboard.

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Opposition Research

Know who you are going up against, whether in the courtroom or on the campaign trail.

Security Alarm

Security Consulting

Protect your employees, your business, and your valuables with expert vulnerability assessments and security recommendations.


More than 30 years' experience in investigations and security

Anthony Amore is the President of Copley Research LLC and is a recognized expert in investigations and security. He is perhaps best known for his work in the field of art theft and protection and as the chief investigator behind the search for the world's most valuable stolen paintings. Along the way, he has worked with a multitude of law enforcement agencies with an emphasis on cold case investigations.

In addition, he was an Assistant Federal Security Director with the Department of Homeland Security/TSA where he was a key member of the team that revamped security at Logan Airport after the attacks of 9/11. He has also served as a Special Agent with the Federal Aviation Administration's Security Division, where he was the lead security agent responding to the attempted al-Qaeda terrorist attack by Richard Reid, the so-called "Shoebomber."


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Outstanding work quality--Mr. Amore did a terrific job for my company. Top notch professionalism--Mr. Amore is a consummate professional and skillfully handles very complicated matters.

- White Collar Defense Attorney